[Mushin] Strike the Blood OVA III - 08 (BD 720p x264 Hi10 AAC).mkv

2019-09-20 06:25 UTC
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Warning Explain !!! ![](https://s.pacn.ws/640/o6/strike-the-blood-ova-part-1-limited-edition-435191.2.jpg?o3k5vk) [Mushin] Strike the Blood OVA III - 08 (BD 720p x264 Hi10 AAC).mkv This is countdown the anime ova in 4 days for new releases Disc vol. 5. But the episode 08 don't have who want to do it yet and It's no signs of the appearance of lean Senpai coming soon. I don’t want to wait that long. I'm very hard working again (15 days). I won't sit around and I wish to return to sharing community for Download anime for free. I just made anime an amateur sub eng for myself and Share with friends and Free for Everyone. Of course I used tools to help translation maybe wrong Grammar. TL: My Skill + Advice + (Google TL, AI TL,Book Eng& Japan, Web Dic.&Grammar, Internet tool, Etc.) TLC: Mushin Edit: Mushin Timing: Mushin Encode: Mushin QC: Mushin Thanks OP&ED subber credit [Harunatsu] Thanks Guyverix for rectifying  EP. 07, Like Fansub Groups edit scripts from Crunchyroll or Netflix. I look by an example and improve with next time. So please don’t expect quality " This is Hobby Sub” (don't have V.2) If you can understand my subtitle maybe have to put effort or Use to guideline for watch an Anime. Yes, please! Don’t wait for improve it. Sorry for any inaccuracies, English is not my first language. PS." shippai shitatte nani mo shinai yori wa mashi janai ka " " This is dot MKV, It can turn off subtitle for who want to listen japan sound only." I hope Fan Anime this Enjoy&Fun Who really need download? go ahead. Video Format : AVC Format profile : High [email protected] Duration : 24 min 34 s Bit rate : 1 400 kb/s Width : 1 280 pixels Height : 720 pixels Bit depth : 10 bits Stream size : 246 MiB (83%) Audio Format : AAC LC Bit rate : 256 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Stream size : 45.0 MiB (15%) Language : Japanese Text Format : ASS Title : Mushin Language : English TL

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  • [Mushin] Strike the Blood OVA III - 08 (BD 720p x264 Hi10 AAC).mkv (297.9 MiB)
Happyyyyyyyy days..... Thank you very much
Finally thank you
I can't hold any longer , will now download 07 and 08 by mushin (thanks btw)
Will you be doing a batch of everything (Episode 1-10)? Thanks!
Many Thanks :)